The reason All Be Connected is founded

Everything is connected. This means that the current challenges, such as extreme poverty, inequality, plastic waste and pollution are not just far away problems. It starts right in our own environment. Therefore, we each have the power to effect positive change.

By connecting as many young people as possible from different countries, with different cultures and different religions. To work together on solutions and actions for people, animals and environments.


ABC Project is a global network for children/young people from primary school up to and including university, for remote schools, youth groups, education centers and for young generations over the world who have no possibility to attend school for any reason. We will always look for sustainable solutions to leave no one behind.

We connect these young generations with each other for at least one year. During this period our young participants are in the lead. We encourage them to take charge of what they want to see changed in their community and/or environment.

In between the, for example, Skype communications they will convert their solutions into actions for the benefit of both communities/environments.

We believe in skills that especially young generations possess; for example, critical thinking (asking ‘why’), creativity and flexibility. Practicing these 21st-century skills and social behavior are becoming increasingly important for young generations and their future. Children and young people are an essential addition to making future-proof decisions and executions. Especially because that future mainly concerns them.

That is why we think their solutions and actions are so important now and in the future. Young generations will change the world, we have faith in them.

Scientific part

Qualified researchers will study the effectiveness, the efficiency and the impact of ABC Project in both the short and the long term. Thanks to our participants we are able to make progress in scientific research, which can lead to a better world for people, animals and (natural) environments. We will use the results to carry out the project as effectively and efficiently as possible and to be able to make adjustments where necessary based on scientific substantiation.

Of course, we will treat all research data confidentially, these will remain anonymous and will not be made available for use other than our scientific research. Our findings will be posted on our science page in an understandable language for everyone.

We think that scientists must speak the same language as the public if they are to spur action that will help the world recover from the worsening impacts of poverty, waste, pollution and many other challenges. Therefore, we want science to be uncomplicated, accessible and useful so that findings can easily be applied by everyone in daily life.

Furthermore, we think that science should move from predicting and documenting the demise of the planet to looking for solutions that contribute to the belief that we all can make daily choices which will positively influence the global challenges affecting all of us, no matter where we live.


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