Only if we become aware can we understand.

   Only if we understand will we be active.

Only if we be active shall we see the difference we can make.


We want to make young people aware of the huge, positive impact they can have on the planet. In order to achieve this impact we use our 3-step formula within ABC Project.

1. Awareness

Awareness for the lives of other people, animals and the environment and for the impact of our daily choices on others and environments.

Awareness leads to understanding, respect, empathy and compassion for each other’s way of life, for animals and for (natural) environments.

During the project, the 3-step formula will be supported by internationalization and Virtual Reality.

2. Be active

Be active by learning from each other, finding solutions together and, the most important part, by rolling up the sleeves to convert these solutions into actions in favor of people, animals and (natural) environments.

This global activity will foster 21st-century skills, as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, flexibility and solution-oriented action. These skills are becoming increasingly important for young generations all over the world, since the current challenges are affecting all of us no matter where we live.

3. Connected Globally

Connected globally with peers (age 5 to 30) around the world, for example, through Skype. For at least 1 year, groups will work on solutions and actions regularly while learning about the differences in environments, culture, geography, effects of climate change, and conservation issues between both countries.

In between, they will convert these solutions into actions for the benefit of other people, animals and/or natural environments.

In addition, we connect our participants to experts around the world who inspire others for years now and who help our young ABCs grow by transforming ideas into solutions & actions.


In times of increasing globalization ABC wants to help young people to understand that there is not a sharp line dividing people, different nations, different cultures or different religions. And there is also not a sharp line dividing us from (other) animals.

ABC is about breaking down the barriers between people and between people & animals by creating new bonds between these different groups of people and between people & animals around the world.

This 3-step formula is a constantly repeating process with very positive consequences for the development of the changemakers as a result. When young people see what difference they can make with their actions, they will become aware of the change they can make in the world for the better. This will inspire them to continue and it will stimulate others to join up.

To make many others enthusiastic about this, we bring the ideas, solutions and actions of some of our young participants to everyone’s attention.