For achieving the highest level of ‘Awareness – Be active – Connected globally’ we will support our 3-step formula with the help of two effective methods that fully fit in the current times: Internationalization and Virtual Reality


Internationalization is fun! It has been scientifically proven to be very effective in many ways. By far the most common reason for schools wanting to take part in an international twinning project is to raise young people’s awareness of Global Citizenship. The impact of simply communicating on youth with others from a different country is huge and enormously instructive.

ABC project goes beyond raising awareness of Global Citizenship by taking actions to achieve the SDGs together and therewith encouraging compassionate Global Citizen-/and Leadership.


Through Virtual Reality (VR) it is possible to ‘really’ step into another World or into the shoes of someone else and experiencing the feeling of ‘presence’. VR has scientifically proven to be effective in developing awareness, empathy and understanding of the impact of daily choices on other lives and environments.

The VR live stream camera makes it possible to be in one big room at the same time with people living in other countries. Through this live stream connection, they become aware of habitats far away, learning about different cultures and countries, without having to make a long journey.


1. ABC connects young generations over the World through VR live stream to give them the feeling of being together in the same room without barriers. This will result in an effective, social and fun way of communication. The above is only possible with a strong internet connection.

2. VR films will be shown during the trajectory to make our young participants more aware of the SDGs. The VR films are all focused on the SDGs, they have a positive and educational content, are suitable for all ages, and can be experienced in English and in other languages.

We have a lot of diverse VR content that we are allowed to use from our partners. Some of them are renowned award winners with a lot of experience in VR storytelling.

3. Through the VR live stream camera, ABC connects young participants directly with people, animals and (natural) environments who are most affected by the global problems as described in the SDGs.

This creates an open-minded and unique way of experiencing poverty or how it feels to live in a refugee camp, to be a homeless orangutan fleeing palm oil deforestation or how it feels to be a hunted elephant. The above is only possible with a strong internet connection.

All the actions that have been carried out by all the ABCs over the World to achieve the SDGs will be recorded and posted on this website.


Hundreds and thousands of young people, all around the World, can break through and make the change by working together as global citizens on the SDGs.

We think that this will be the key to the major change this planet needs so much.