For general questions please feel free to email us

If you would like to join up with us as a participant please answer the following
10 questions to ensure that we can confirm your participation.

1. Is a constant internet connection available in the school/group: cable/wireless?

2. Does the school/classroom/group have its own computer which is suitable for Skype or another live connection?

3. Do the participants adequately master the English language? If not, is it possible for the teacher(s) to support them with the English language during the live connection with the other school/group?

4. Which school/group wants to participate? (for example, primary school or university)

5. What are the contact details of the school/group, contact name, e-mail address, address details? (place, country)

6. How many groups/classes want to participate?

7. What are the ages of the participants per class in the school or in the group?

8. How many participants will join per class or per group?

9. Do the participants have mobile phones (including headphones)? If yes, how many mobile phones are available per class? (must be suitable for Google Cardboard)

10. Does the school/group have experience with VR? If yes: does the school/group already have VR headsets? How many?

Contact details

Thank you very much for your interest in joining up with ABC.
We will contact you as soon as possible!