“What is your favorite occupation?”

“Observing animals alone in nature.”

“What makes you happy?”

“Little things in life. For example, when I see that every animal, no matter how small, has its own personality. Like the brave clown fish Nemo in the picture on the Team page, who defended his family and habitat against me while diving..a giant in his eyes. And the many birds and baby squirrel that roam in my garden every day, they are so much more intelligent than we think, and we could learn a lot from them and all other animals.”

“You told us that we must always dream big. What were your dreams and did they come true?”

“When I was 10 years old I wanted to deliver a top performance on a windsurf board, what no woman in the world had ever done before. This monster tour of 2 days, the 11 City Tour, was always under extreme conditions (in winter with snow and frost) and I achieved this dream 13 years later as a professional windsurfer. One year later, the competition was no longer allowed to take place because it was too heavy, also for men. So I will remain the only woman in the world.

After that, I had the dream of becoming a top sports coach of various Olympic sports at the same time and it happened.

And now it is my dream to make the world a little better with ABC Foundation.

If you had not asked this question, I would never mentioned the above. Since I think everyone can achieve goals no matter how hard and difficult they are when you believe in it, keep focus on your goal, work very hard, take advantage of every opportunity and never give up!”

“What do you think the future will look like with regard to all SDGs?”

“There is so much action from young people all over the world and that means that there is hope everywhere. Also, within ABC Project young people are very eager to cooperate!”

“Do you think that it matters what the young school strikers do?”

“Yes! It started because a few schoolchildren from small countries like Sweden, Belgium and Switzerland decided not to go to school because nothing was being done about the climate crisis. And six months later over 1,5 million students school striked for the climate in 2083 places in 125 countries on all continents!

Those children like Greta Thunberg from Sweden proved that it does matter what you do and that no one is too small to make a difference.”

“We think your logo is wonderful! Does it have a deeper meaning?”

“Yes, it means: (1) That everything and everyone is connected to each other, humans, animals, trees (= nature). We often seem to be disconnected from each other, from animals and from nature. And forgotten that we humans are animals and that we need nature, trees, oceans & all other animals, no matter how small, to survive at all.

(2) The little boy sitting in front of the elephant means to me ‘I bow to you with respect, forgive us what we do to you and all the animals’. And..if you don’t look, the boy turns around and bows to the tree ;-)”

“Who is your favorite hero?”

Robin Hood. I was convinced that I was going to marry him. That is the magical, creative mindset of a child. There are no barriers, everything is possible..even marrying a fox :-)”

What should be the solution for lowering emissions?”

I think that we can no longer only focus on individual and separate issues like electrical cars, veganism, aviation, sustainable farming, bio fuels, and so on. Though very good and necessary but even those are parts of a greater picture.

We urgently need to change the political system, as it is based on competition, on cheating because all that matters is to win to get power and money. That competitive system must come to an end.

We need to start cooperating, to start living within the planetary boundaries, with the focus on equity and take a few steps back for the sake of all living species. What is needed are new leaders, with a whole new way of thinking, holistic view, leading with consciousness, thoughtfulness, and compassion.”

Which quote do you totally agree with?”

“A quote from dr. Paul Farmer: ‘The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.’ It applies to all SDGs.”

What is the most important thing people could do to make the world a better place?”

“I think we have to make a shift from taking to giving. Life is not a competition in which we have to use elbows and to make sure that we get enough for ourselves, neither is life a struggle against nature.

If we change our focus from ‘I make sure that I get enough for myself and my family’ to ‘how much can I give to other people, to animals, to nature’, the world would be a much better place.”

“What is important for you in a friendship?”

“Sharing happiness & sadness, trust, have a good laugh.”

What are your most marked characteristics?”

“Always questioning, creative, intuitive, firmness of purpose.”

“What traits do you most deplore in others?”

“Hypocrisy, not taking responsibility for own behavior, judging others, disrespect, lack of self discipline.”

“Which 2 characteristics would you like all people to possess and behave accordingly?”

“Kindness and compassion.”

“What do you think is the lowest depth of misery?”

“Knowing you have let someone down and betrayed their trust.”

“Would you like to change something about the current education system?”

“Make it more holistic. Instead of ‘what’ do you want to become, more the focus on ‘how’ do you want to become and to give lessons based on those answers. For example, I want to be like Robin Hood, what do I need? Strong, brave, caring. What does that mean exactly? How am I going to learn this? Where can I practice becoming strong, brave and caring?

I think that fairy tales and legends should be implemented in all levels of education, because they can teach us to be kind, honest, brave and to come to the aid to those who got into trouble. We are never too old to have a hero :-)”


“Right or left-handed?”


“Where have you learned the most important lessons in your life: in kindergarten, primary school, high school or at the university?”

“I have learned the most from the hardest and saddest situations in my life. Those made me stronger and the person I am now. That is the best education, the school of life!”

“What is your greatest achievement until now?”

“Founding All Be Connected and connecting many children, young people, organizations, individuals within ABC Project in a relatively short time.”

“What is your motto?”

“If you believe in your dreams, they are achievable.”