The results* of our global research with opinions and experiences from young ABC participants around the world are shown below.

*All data will be handled with the utmost confidentiality, they will remain anonymous and will not be made available for use other than this scientific research. The research findings on this page may not be used for other (scientific) purposes without the permission of ABC Foundation.

The effectiveness of ABC Project

“Thanks to ABC I see myself as a global citizen because this project is much bigger than my own classroom.”

“I love this project and I am proud to be part of it! Working together with new friends far away to get real change on global and local issues is exciting and fun!”

“In the beginning I was a bit afraid to speak the English language because our connected Nepalese group was very good at it. But they were so friendly and helpful that I learned it very quickly, and now I dare to ask anything I want to know about their life and actions for ABC Project.”

“As a teacher, I had never heard of a collaboration with other schools in different countries, until ABC came into my life. And I saw the impact this project had on my students. Therefore, I absolutely think that ABC Project should become part of school education around the world. This is about the future of our students.”

How children and young people think about the current times and the future.

“Now that I know I harm others with my daily choices, I will take into account all the choices I make from now on. I wish I had known this before.”

“Love one another, for it is the best way to deal with the people, animals, nature and everything in this world.”

“Worldwide we are striking for climate action because this is our future. Together with organizations like All Be Connected we are going to do everything we can to create radical change within our societies.”

“I hope the world will look better in 10 years and I have faith in my generation because we, young people, want adults to listen to us and we don’t give up because we can secure the future of the planet.”

The effects of 360 immersive storytelling by different media on awareness, compassion, presence and fun.

“It was more intense watching with Virtual Reality, because I felt like I was in the room with the refugees. This Virtual Reality session was very impressive..”

“When I turned around I suddenly saw a big fish swimming towards me and I thought ‘ohhh, I should get out of the’s going to bite me!’ I only had this feeling with Virtual Reality, it was almost a real life experience.”

“I didn’t know there were so many refugees! With Virtual Reality I could watch everywhere around me and I saw tents up to the horizon in front of me, beside me and behind me. That was quite sad and shocking to see.”

“Virtual Reality helped me better understand people like Sidra (the refugee girl) and polluted environments like the oceans. I feel the importance of caring for them more than ever.”

“I have never been underwater and it was beautiful there! I feel very guilty that I once have thrown waste in the ocean..”

“Really cool to watch these videos with Virtual Reality!! Our teacher is convinced of the impact and will buy Virtual Reality devices for his lessons :-)”