We have chosen SDG 2 – Zero Hunger.
In Nepal, around 25% of the population lives below the national poverty line. One does not have to go far from the capital to see the face of hunger in Nepal.


Firstly, we collected some amount of money (min. Re. 1 –max. Rs. 5) as a donation from interested 7th grade students and middle section teaching staffs. The concept of encouraging students to donate least amount of money was to make them know the value of money and food that they usually do not care about and waste. Secondly, we opened a lottery for the students which they could buy in cheap rate and were awarded with some prizes at last as well.


With the help of collected funds, we bought some biscuits and seasonal fruits, and we headed towards a temple site with many old aged and needy people. We served the foodstuffs to them and then submitted all the remaining stuffs in one of the old age homes.
Below you see pictures of our team’s engagement in distributing food stuffs to the needy people with loads of respect and feel.

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