We have chosen clean water and sanitation; SDG 6. We learned from ABC Project about the SDGs through the ABC slide show presentation given by our teacher. Similarly, we felt our responsibilities, and we could bring change with our group and reach to society to reduce waste from our classroom and our home waste management. Because now waste easily disappears in rivers and canals.


We created awareness campaigns for other students about the proper waste management at their classroom. For these campaigns we presented chart presentations and did some drama.

We also made a few handicrafts from the waste. We presented these handicrafts during exhibitions and shared the skills of how we made them. We also prepared dustbin of various degradable and non degradable waste separately. We requested everyone to share these ideas with friends and families in order to reach many people about waste management.


Our goal was to reduce classroom waste by creating various handicrafts and decoration from waste. Next, we made various dustbin for degradable and non degradable waste for our homes to prevent pollution.

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