We have chosen SDG 5, Gender Equality.

Even though our government have introduced different laws regarding women empowerment and treating females equally to their male counterparts in the recent years, but still nothing much seems to be happening at the ground level. Our society still continues to be a male dominated one. Despite making strides towards gender equality, Nepali women still do not have equal status as their male counterparts. Disparities among Nepali women in health and education outcomes further paint a gloomy picture.

So, as a future building block of the nation, it is essential that we make the people aware about this social taboo of gender discrimination that still exists in our country.


  1. We shall assume active social responsibility and promote campaigns to combat gender discrimination within our community.
  2. We will form a communication unit to reach out to mass through social networking sites.
  3. Make the entire school community aware about gender discrimination.
  4. Screen documentary videos about the causes and effects of gender discrimination in the school premise.
  5. Coordinate with various local NGOs working in the same sector to organize various awareness campaigns.
  6. Make the females in the school and community aware about their constitutional rights against gender violence.


Through this project we would want to disseminate knowledge about gender equality and equal treatment bestowed upon all the citizens by the law of the land.


Our Motto

Where Lies Equality, There Lies Prosperity”

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