We have chosen SDG 11 – Sustainable cities and communities. Our school, Montessori school Elyseum, is located in the central part of Gothenburg. We walk, take the bus or ride the tram on a daily basis when attending Physical Education or Crafts.

This situation gave birth to conversations and discussions about what a sustainable city actually is. How should we live our lives in order for the future citizens of Gothenburg to be able to live a good life? How can we get a better understanding about what sustainable choices are and how they can contribute to achieve a sustainable city – now and in the future.


Through shared reading about cities, films and knowledge about the carbon footprint every human being leaves behind. We created presentations using text and image where we encouraged everyone to strive for positive sustainable development – ecologic, social and economic.


We want to develop knowledge about how we can influence our future in a direction that is more positive for everyone. Our task is to share good examples on sustainable choices that people can do in their daily lives. Choices that improve the local environment, but also that of our planet. Thus, to contribute in creating a sustainable city and a sustainable world.

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