We have chosen SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Being an under developed country, Nepal lacks sufficient infrastructures and also being a country which is hit time and again by natural calamities like earthquake, landslide and flood Nepal requires more resilient infrastructures. Besides this Nepal also requires better technologies to address such local problems and it requires inclusion of innovation in education.

To be able to afford better infrastructures and innovation oriented education Nepal requires more resources/ wealth which can be obtained by industrializing the country.


The entire group of 20 will be divided into two sub-groups. Group A will visit the site of construction of our new school building. They will talk to the engineers involved to ensure the quality of the infrastructure and they will ensure the construction of gender friendly toilet facilities and more inclusive access to the building. Group B will practice entrepreneurship in coming school fair to promote the idea of entrepreneurship and industries.


We have two goals here, to ensure the quality of infrastructure and to promote the idea of entrepreneurship. The goal of group A will ensure inclusive access to the building for differently-abled people and gender friendly toilet facilities. The goal of group B is to practice and promote entrepreneurship, to promote industries in the country to tackle the lack of inclusiveness in infrastructures and to tackle the lack of support to the industries and free and fair business environment.

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