We have chosen SDG 15 – Life on Land. We want to work on this goal as it fits with the idea of focusing on palm oil and the effects that it has on the world and how it is causing a massive amount of deforestation as the area where these palm oil plants grow is also the area where the majority of rainforests are.


We will use a mix of ways to work on this, the first idea is to make infographics and hang them around school and on these infographics we will show the effects that certain products have in terms of trees, the problems with animals dying, etc. Secondly we will do a bake sale where we use less palm oil products only whilst making it clear and raising awareness in this way. A third action is to create a short informative video and recommend geography (and other) teachers to show it to their students.

All of these actions we could subsequently try to scale up (to a local or even national level, or via Internet in case of the clip).


We want to raise awareness to people of our age on: the bad practice done around the palm oil business, in which products it is put into, who these produces are and let people know what products to not or do buy and make sure more people are aware of the problem.

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