We have chosen SDG 13 – Climate Action.

Being the citizens of developing country, people are attracted towards the city areas, petroleum private vehicles, electronic appliances, etc. To develop the country, people start to cut down the trees to make houses, roads, malls etc. They start to use the cars or bikes instead of walking, using cycles or using public transports and to do work fast, they start to use electrical appliances excessively. Because of those habits the global is becoming warm and it affects the climate action.


To make people aware about the climate action, we will conduct rally and social awareness program in school and society. We will also conduct the literary competitions about the importance of afforestation. We made many things for decoration by reusing used papers and presented those things in every classes to save the trees. With the help of our principal, we kept separate dust bins for degradable and non-degradable waste so that the non-degradable waste is reused.


Our goal is to encourage students, teachers and parents of Kavya school to do some good actions to stop the global warming by organizing rally, social awareness programs. We will use social media for social awareness by uploading the pictures of separate dustbins of waste, rally and decorated things of used papers.

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