We have chosen SDG 1, No Poverty. We want to work with this goal because there are a lot of poor people in the world, even in the Netherlands. In our class we do have a student who is a refugee. Because he suddenly had to flee, they had to leave everything behind, so he and his family had absolutely nothing. They were lucky that they came to the Netherlands, but many children living in refugee camps have nothing, not even decent clothing.


We have decided to participate in ‘foute kersttrui actie’ (‘weird Christmas sweater action’) of the non-profit organization ‘Save the Children’. The action is actually meant for only December 14th, however we have decided to carry out the action for two weeks. The children wore for two weeks: Christmas sweaters, other weird clothes and accessories which has to do with Christmas.

In the two weeks that we wore these clothes, it was intended that the students raised money by collecting empty bottles. This money and other self-collected money by the students, we donated to the account of ‘Save the Children’. We also collect clothes with our class for people who have not that much, and we give it at the end of the year to several organizations. We will work with this goal the whole school year.


With this action we want to get as much money as possible to donate to ‘Save the Children’. So, they can buy clothing and other amenities for children in refugee camps.

We also hope that we collect a lot of clothes this year, so we can help a lot of people!

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