We have chosen SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-Being. Health and well-being are central issues in how we are prepared to cope with present challenges. Research and reports show that even teenagers perceive both stress and physical deficiencies.
In our school we therefore have to focus on both physical and mental well-being and clearly include it in the curriculum in order to prepare for better lives for both individual as well as our society and ecological systems.


Firstly, we will focus on issues about health and well-being. That can be done within the syllabus in several subjects. One example of how it is started: https://read.bookcreator.com/hHGqJtWHcfc0SwsAlkwITJ7sIO02/AGZWFAxuTr6jEgPPEymUYQ
Furthermore, we want to include more physical training on an everyday basis in school. We are also eager to explore how our new dog at the school can contribute to a gentle mental climate.


We want to learn how to take care of ourselves, both physically and mentally. All aspects, from eating well, to exercise, to interact with other people and nature, to be aware of the importance of clean air and clean water.
When we talk about well-being we must include all aspects of being human, how we talk to each other and how we interact in real life and in digital environments is as important as we take care of our body.

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