We have chosen SDG 16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

We are getting more aware of the lucky we are to live over here and the advantage to live in peace. More and more we hear the stories of people living in war-areas or refugee camps. Luckily more people can cross the border and get asylum in a free country. It will be better when they can live in peace in their own country.


We will raise money for a non-profit organization called ‘Save the Children’. Together we are wearing Christmas sweaters, like the campaign of the charity asks. While wearing the sweaters, we collect PET-bottles to hand in at the supermarket. The money we will donate for a better world.


We want to help the people in need. For our children it especially is important to be more aware of the dishonesty in the world. We are looking for ‘easy’ ways to help. We rather help by thinking about it in our daily life, then to donate lots of money to big corporations.

Therefore, we did one collection for charity and in addition to that we have many conversations about this SDG and much more subjects which are alike. By talking about these problems, we hope the children see the importance of thinking about their daily acts and choices which eventually have to make a difference in the future.

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