We have chosen SDG 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy. We want to work on this SDG, because we think it is important that we use more green energy and that we give information about how to make green energy at home, or how to recycle for example. So, we want to let people know what they can do at home to save the environment. We want to let people know how important it is to stop global warming.

Also, we would like to find creative and simple ideas that you can put into practice here and abroad to save energy, or to recycle.


We have come up with the following actions:

  1. Stimulate people to buy more solar panels and stimulate school to place solar panels.
  2. Make it more attractive for people to help by recycling and to use recycled products in various ways.
  3. Find ways to make things that are good for the environment cheaper.
  4. Produce energy while riding your bike.
  5. We could use the energy that has been created by people in the gym for example to light up the lights in the gym.


Our goal is that people become more aware of the problem of global warming and that they know what to do for themselves to help for a greener world. We also want to make it more attractive to help with recycling, use less energy, use more green energy, etc.

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