We have chosen SDG 2 – Zero Hunger, because we want to make people aware about hidden hunger. Most of the time people are getting enough food, however not healthy and varied. Especially in certain area’s in Nepal, where people don’t have the ability to buy their own food and are dependent on the harvest of local products. If you have hidden hunger you will, for example, not get enough nutrients.


We would like to make children in Nepal and in our own school aware of what kind of nutrients a human needs. Therefore, we would like to inform them about the ‘Wheel of Five’, also called the ‘Eat Well Plate’; five basic food groups (in Dutch: ‘Schijf van Vijf’). With this ‘Wheel’ the children can make their own balanced daily menu. Via live connection and letter writing, we will be updated about what the kids are currently eating.


We are going to make a recipe book for the kids in Nepal, so they can make and cook better food. In this cookbook, recipes from The Netherlands and from our Nepalese friends will be posted. The ingredients from ‘The Wheel of Five’ will be highlighted to make the children aware about the kind of food they eat. Some recipes have to be changed a bit, because they don’t match ‘The Wheel of Five’.

When we have made the cookbook we are going to send it to the school in Nepal, and we are going to show it to other children and teachers in our school.

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