We have chosen SDG 10 – Reduced Inequalities, because we like to work with other people and there is a huge inequality in the world. In Nepal there is for example a big inequality between poor and rich.


We would like to change all the inequality in the world, but are also aware this could not be done by ourselves. To reduce inequality in the world, people should first be aware of the different circumstances people live.

Via live connection and letter writing with our Nepalese friends we will be informed about the situation in Nepal. From the information we get, we can inform Dutch children about this to make them aware how difficult it is to live with a big inequality problem.


We are writing a blog and a book about Nepal. We will tell children on primary school about the situation in Nepal and give them our book and read it aloud. We hope that the children will be interested in our story and that they become aware of the inequality in the world. In addition, we will give them information about the blog on our Instagram account @supportnepal02.

Our first plan was to write our book in Dutch. Since the Nepalese school seems to be interested as well, we will also make an English version. This will have has 2 advantages: (1) our story will be translated into Nepalese and can be read in their country (2) the students in Nepal also want to write in Magazines about poverty.

We hope that our written story can be used as an inspiring example how to inform people about inequality. The first photo below shows the front of our book. The title is: ‘A different world’.

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