We have chosen SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation.
In Kathmandu, we have various rivers and canals which are polluted due to lack of awareness of the public about pollution of water. As the people residing here in Kathmandu throw garbage and plastics in rivers and canals, and even their toilet drains. So, the people residing at the bank of river and canals are suffering from various water-borne ailments in absence of safe drinking water and proper sanitation.


We make the public aware not to pollute the river or canals water by throwing the garbage and plastics by doing rally and social awareness program in school and society. We make everyone in our school aware not to waste papers so that we can save trees. We made our school friends and teachers clear to use paper bags instead of plastic bags.


We went to every class of our school to talk about disadvantages of throwing plastics in water. We used our school app and other social medias for social awareness by uploading different pictures of clean water and proper sanitation. Finally, we cleaned the area around rivers and canals. We believe that one person can change the world.

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