We have chosen SDG 2 – Zero Hunger. We consider all the goals equally important, but decided on SDG 2 because we consider world hunger and malnutrition to be an extremely urgent issue. There is also an unbalance in how the world’s food supplies are being distributed, and we believe this partly is a consequence of a lack of awareness about world hunger. Swedish households throw away about 940 000 metric tonnes of food every year, and we believe this is morally wrong to both our environment and also to people around the world who fight hunger.


We want to spread knowledge about hunger around the world and also share tips on what we can do to decrease it. We would also like to shed light on the excessive waste food that we see here in Sweden. We used different kinds of social media in order to spread the information. We decided to create a shared Twitter account where we post information on the issue and also tips that could be done by many people. We have also created posters that we plan to post around Gothenburg to inform people about the urgency of the situation.


Our goal is to make people aware of the effects of excessive food waste and that it is something that we quite easily can change as individuals. If the consequences were known to them we believe that they would think twice about throwing away food. And if some of the excess food could end up at those in need it would also be a great benefit and a cause worth fighting for.

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