We have chosen SDG 1; No Poverty. Most of the population of our surrounding belong to economically poor family. Due to this they are not being able to get proper education and dealing with shelter problem as well. So, we want to help them as we can. We also want to make our environment clean by recycling our waste or by reusing them. We also want to re-use our old or unfit clothes by giving to needy and economically poor people such like orphans. We want to help those poor who are unable to buy a single clothes in an entire year.


We select in our surrounding needy people first, then we provide leftover foods to poor one instead of throwing it away. We sell our old notes (old used copies and books) and organize dance program in especial occasion, and getting money from it, then we donate them. We will collect money from others and from our group as well to buy stuffs like rice, clothes, pillows for the bed and other necessaries things.


Our goal is to eradicate poverty from the society to make able people to get proper education. Without proper education and full stomach from food it is not possible to think a step ahead which could not lead society towards equality. Only after eradication of hunger and giving education to all together will make society beautiful and full of brotherhood. So, we want to eradicate Poverty from the society than other aspect will have been settled down itself.

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